Tuesday, August 20, 2013

blue moon

I was reminded this evening how much I love running after the sun has set. The night felt quieter than usual. It was special.

And still is. 

Monday, August 5, 2013


We are sparks from the Infinite.
We are not flesh and bone.

We are light.

Thursday, August 1, 2013


"If you read what many thinkers are writing, especially in the alternative press where a larger vision of the hidden occult politics is brought into view, it is very easy to log on to their feelings of desperation and to have that commitment taken upon by the self. A certain degree of discernment is therefore very wise in what and how much is to be read, if you wish to maintain the highest state of balance and spiritual integrity. Without such a discipline, the negative news can literally be overwhelming, as an energy transfer of sorts occurs between the writer and the recipient."

The above excerpt is something I really needed to read as I've been spending more time delving into articles and websites that seek out the truth in our world governments, media, etc. I'm thankful for this reminder to remain balanced and make a conscious effort not to latch onto the negative energy or fear that comes along with everything. The words that follow are also something I'm grateful to read.

"We have spoken before of how humanity will, to a greater and greater degree, become infected, as it were, with the disease of fear. This is indeed a very tangible spiritual condition that is not easily rectified once it has taken deep roots into the subconscious mind. The negative elites have obviously fulfilled their Biblically-assigned job of ruling over the earth, meaning that: The media sources you interact with in that known as the "mainstream" do have a propensity for great distortions towards fear, and almost no trust in the inherent goodness of humanity, in the existence of an Ultimate Being or higher principle, or in the ability for human faith to create miracles where only desperation had previously existed...

Tough love can be administered in situations where a pathological, addictive behavior pattern has outlasted its usefulness. In the case of the individual entity, this often comes by hitting the "bottom," as it were. The bottom represents a time where all options for continuing the addiction appear to have been exhausted and, in 12-step support-group parlance, "life has become unmanageable." It is the life structure of your current civilization, propped up on endless tirades of fiat currency available at the touch of a finger and the rolling of the printing presses, continually causing greater and greater waves of devastation to its host, which is now bottoming out. 

The apparent chaos that you are now seeing is simply a form of molten liquefaction, a transitory phase leading to a greater degree of crystallization and perfection in what you call the future. Try not to let the heat of this catalyst burn you, but rather use it as your fuel to ascend along the spiraling line of light into higher and higher realms of awareness. This worldwide bottom will indeed have its financial and geopolitical repercussions, but as the master Jesus once spoke, "See that you not be troubled." These are the times of the changing of the guard, the final overturning of the endless rehashing of the old ways in the favor of the adaptation of the new ways...

The most efficient framework in which you can make this choice is in consulting with your own inner silence, rather than in the chatter of the outside world as the death-cries of a dysfunctional system of consciousness become ever more screeching. 

And the more that you can help out by asking yourself where the love is in any moment, the quicker and easier the transition will be."

Thank you.