Wednesday, December 31, 2014

"Become what you are."

This year has been pivotal. I feel like I've truly grown in massive amounts. I can consciously sense significant difference, glancing over where I was last year around this same time. So much has become more clear. It sounds cliche, but I legitimately feel much wiser than even just a year ago.

I have developed better relationships with loved ones. I have come out of my shell and no longer feel the need to isolate myself so much. I needn't fear opening my heart. I have and will always hold such love for our planet and all that are on it...I am so grateful that I'm not afraid.

I've tasted fire, I'm ready to come alive...I'm ready now. Cause every day, a choice is made. Every day I choose my fate.

I'm so grateful. This year is the year. 2014 was the necessary calm after the storm. Smooth.

2015 is the year things start moving... everything is starting. The pieces will continue coming together. I am so guided and protected. I shall now make "resolutions," which are essentially what I've been making lists of in my journal for a while now...

constant introspection, awareness and objectivity, attunement with Self, maintaining a clean living environment, more running, more yoga, more stretching, more sauna time, more water drinking, more hydration, more attention to food, more time spent cooking, more time spent praying, more time spent meditating, more reading, tons more reading on my passions and interests for my life's pursuits, more writing, more singing, more joy, more remembrance, more time spent in nature, more love and conscious attention to energy, more independence, more gratitude, more growth, more Presence: standing up for myself.

Every day, the world is made a chance to change...I'm ready now: forever, Now.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

streets of gold // turn the tide

as i ran, i listened;
as i listened, i felt.

i reached the end,
and made my way to the corner:

we are here to love each other, serve each other, and uplift each other.

as i stood, i listened;
as i listened, i heard.


the wind turbulent,
yet restorative--

gusts so strong,
nearly forcing me to the ground.

but i just stood there,
holding on--

gripping the fence
with both hands:

grounded, protected, and at peace.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

|| so: 20999, 20330 ||

It's good to be alive.

I am so happy.
and I am so grateful
--to be here, right now.

amidst the pain, the loss, the suffering, the confusion;
amidst the comfort, the memories, the joy, the clarity.

amidst it all.

// Stranded in the streams without a branch to rescue me and pull me from the tormenting. Will I die here in the water? I closed my eyes so I could see; then there grew a tree from my belief.  Now here I stand with two dry feetand there my past dies in the water. //

|| I am here,
and I am always ready.

This is so, so good,
and I can breathe now. ||