Tuesday, November 11, 2014

at the beginning: 11/11

today is a day,
tomorrow is another


we breathe it in,
the highs and lows.

we are right now,
tomorrow is another


it is always now,
let us be.

// // // // // // // //

I'm grateful that a sense of purpose for my life path has started developing on an even deeper level this past month. What I had only dreamed could be the case is already a burgeoning reality for others. Although I'd felt alone for so many years, there are numerous people who see things the way I do. Not only that, but they have the wisdom to back it up and are already changing the paradigm for others. All I have to do is remind myself that I have the power to make my own decisions.

I will speak and live out my truth.

More and more will not have to lose themselves.
More and more will not become walking ghosts.
More and more will understand the intricate details.
More and more will welcome true recovery.
More and more will be healed.

I will inspire others. I will be an example.

This year I will face the needless fear of standing up for myself. I am guided and will address the circumstance when I know that the time is right.

I am a fully capable adult. There is absolutely no reason for me not to live the life I want to. There is no excuse for me to live my life in a manner with which I do not agree. This approaching year I will finally make my own decisions and take my first steps.

// // // // // // // //

The future,
my life path,

is today,

and right now.

"In the end, I want to be standing at the beginning."

so it begins.