Monday, March 31, 2014

who we are

To define God in one word, 
"love" is The Only Term There Is. 

Just saw this, and it makes me think. Yesterday I was thinking about this very concept while listening to one of my favorite songs by The Rocket Summer.

"Nothing matters, but what we offer in love."

So essentially...when it comes down to it:

Nothing matters, but what we offer in the spirit of The Creator--what in actuality makes up each one of us. There's no hierarchy. No anger. No judgment. No punishment. No hatred. No revenge...only Truth suppressed under the illusion.

"Yes, there are many things that are wrong with the world. So many things to be against -- but you can't be against everything. At some point you have to begin to stand for something. Maybe the most important question is not what am I against, but what do I stand for? On my best days, I want to stand for love conquering a multitude of wrongs. I want to stand for forgiveness, for mercy, for beauty, for grace...I make no assumption of shared faith. I can only assume that you and I are radically different -- we live in different cities, we have different pursuits, different jobs, different upbringings. And finally, when it comes to what you believe or disbelieve, I would imagine that we all hold widely different understandings of what God is or isn't... I love you and I love our differences."  -Jon Foreman

I want to never forget that we're all human. We're all struggling in various ways. We are all learning. We all have a unique purpose here. We are all manifestations of the divine. I want to maintain empathy and compassion.

Nothing matters, just tell yourself again and again and again...nothing matters, but what we offer in Love.