Monday, October 19, 2009


nothing is said, yet words are right under the surface. think. you...feel them there in your mind. and though nothing is said, you still know they are there. palpable. skimming the surface. things you want to say, but don't have to. words? feelings. nothing spoken aloud...but they're there. pulsating. beating. they are there.

I know what it is. In these precious moments, I am no longer alone in my head, my thoughts. It's as if for the first time, the words actually reach the person to whom I tell them. Finally transmitted. Who knows if this is really so? But it seems I am no longer simply spitting out words to those who either don't care or can barely grasp them. No. I am understood. And you know what else? Even when there's no discussion whatsoever I feel like I'm out of my head. Speaking a million words to all the others would prove futile, hopeless. But this...everything is different.

Because just being--just absorbing--is enough.

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