Thursday, March 11, 2010


I was walking down what was apparently the familiar street we all know so well. The one that usually has those huge, colorful cylinders of light...except for some reason, they weren't there. And the street was wider, unpaved. No cars were in sight. Nothing but a blue banner with words written in antique font hanging above a sea of people.

Some were skipping, dancing freely to the music, the melodies of the crowd's exclamations. Others ran around with open arms, hugging both loved ones and total strangers. It was straight out of one of those scenes you sometimes see in movies, the kind where everyone is reveling in victory and relief brought on by the war's end, where everyone is united in the present moment.

As I stood there smiling & absorbing the euphoria, it suddenly dawned on me: "This is a dream. I am dreaming." Without a single thought, I instantly knew what to do. SPREAD ARMS OUT. ROTATE FEET. LIFT UP. DOWN. REPEAT. Suddenly, I was flying. Over the sea and into the open sky. "This is a dream, but I'm not dreaming. This is real."

And I was flying.


  1. waking life!
    did this really happen? it sounds magical.

  2. :) I'm so glad you watched that.
    and yes, it was my dream last night.