Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Three Realizations

I've come to realize a few things lately. I'd always understood them intellectually, but not emotionally. Now, I think I'm beginning to do so...

1) No one can ever be understood completely.

I used to feel so heartbreakingly lonely. I remember nights sobbing in my room, feeling as if my heart would cave in. I'd constantly tell my friends that they didn't understand me, that I'd never find anyone who truly would. But now I see how ludicrous that was. And even if it were possible to find someone who understood me entirely, it would take away so much of life's magic. We are all unique individuals with multitudes of personalities and characteristics to offer the world. If we all understood each other, we wouldn't be human.

2) The act of falling in love could use some re-examining.

Most people dream of finding a soulmate, their "other half," or the "missing piece" of their hearts. But I've come to see that we shouldn't enter into relationships with the intention of feeling more complete. We shouldn't search for someone to fill that void we feel within ourselves. No. Before we enter into a relationship with our soulmates, we need to have already filled that void on our own. We need to look within. We need to fully understand who we are (and not seek to be understood). We need to recognize our own self-worth (instead of seeking such validation from our loved one). We need to love ourselves. We need to, not know...we need to feel and understand that we are Divine. We need to recognize that we are One with the Universe.

3) Love isn't two halves making a whole; it is two wholes--two self-realized souls--coming together to celebrate their completeness.

I'm not trying to be all preachy about this. And I'm not going to force these beliefs I've come to find on anyone. This blog is my way of expressing myself. It's my way of sending my message out to the whole world, yet at the same time knowing it will most likely only be read by those in my life. And that is perfectly fine by me. I'd also like to add that I don't regret any of my previous beliefs nor do I regret the road that led me to where I am. I wouldn't trade my past for anything.

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