Wednesday, June 19, 2013

i have some news

last night (in a dream), i went to some sort of movie theater with two friends--the names and faces of which i can't recall. someone was sitting directly behind me; after i noticed this, i made sure not to turn around...yet i found myself constantly thinking of this particular seating arrangement. it was a special event for several short films. i wish i could remember them. all i can remember is a beautiful, badass, haunting music video of sorts for a song i heard for the first time in May, i believe. during the break between the next set of movies, i have no idea how or why...but somehow i ended up far on the other side of town without my friends. i obviously had a task to complete. i wish i could remember the reason why i had to leave or even what the destination looked like. but no. all i can recall is running full speed to make it back to the same space. the break was ending, and i didn't want to miss the other movie..and the chance to once again be so close. not to talk, no. it was just a comforting source of affirmation to feel someone's existence so close, to know they're real; and at most, to sometimes see during quick, inconspicuous glances from a distance.   

i vividly remember running up and down the sidewalk hills. i remember how good it felt because it's been over a month since i'd done so...but at the same time, how worried i was that i wouldn't make it in time. 

i still don't know if i ever did. all i can remember is running--that extreme sense of urgency. 

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