Sunday, January 11, 2015

a secret chord

tonight i was home alone for an hour and a i sang. i walked around the house, singing as loudly as i wanted. no inhibitions. even belting at points. i honestly haven't sung that way--with such freedom,  joy, and devotion--since early 2011. yes, i've been home alone plenty of times throughout the years (sometimes even for days). of course, i sang aloud as much as i wanted; it has just never been as special as this. before i felt inspired to begin, it was already set to a playlist of songs that mean the most to me.

every lyric is what i feel.
every lyric is truth.

every lyric, every note is prayer.

// I see a light shine now.


  1. This is why songs can inspire in ways that few other art forms can...

  2. HELLO!~ Brittany!~ I AM SO HAPPY to see that you are still here,,,,,, My beloved cat died 3 years ago and i had to go way underground... i am just resurfacing now.... wow..... divine timing. glad you are well and writing!~ all love