Thursday, November 16, 2017

the night is young

your existence,
your way

of being

my heart

with gratitude.

your existence,
your way

of hearing

a chord

full of harmony.

i want
to sing;

to skip,
and frolic.

thank you,
thank you;

thank you, dear sir. 

Friday, October 20, 2017

Breezeblocks //// Boats & Birds

Presently it's pouring rain on my end. Hard drops pound on the rooftop of what was--once upon a time--a sky blue sanctuary, a safe home: ample air, open space, and breathing room to tend to a fluid and vital life force... a flourishing period of reclamation, six years overdue. 

And yet... 

That sacred space of warm, bright light became twisted--disastrously and wrongfully plunged into a sick devil's playground. A freezing place of control, manipulation, isolation, and suffocation.

I can now hear the familiar comfort of that distant train whistle ...but am nevertheless disheartened to realize how much colder it feels now in this bed. 

Wait for it.

It was indeed a beautiful letdown when I crashed and burned. Spinning and falling all the way back to the ground, something has shifted--baptizing my mind with room to breathe. A beacon of clarity reveals itself, smiling knowingly. 

Various memories flood inward rapidly--returning, rushing, and bursting forth: each one so very simple and so very obvious, one can't help but laugh. In fact, the grotesque, invasive toxicity has evaporated...been purged from the scene. 

Oh, what joy! What gladness. 

My own intricate and ever-so lovely, lonely breed of darkness is lit again as in days long past. Sparks fly: the wild fire of youth assumes its rightful place and some semblance of a home. 

Thank you for being exactly who and what you are. In so doing you hold a whimsical, crystal-clear mirror that reflects an open field out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing. Immensely grateful to have met you there. To be honest, I gotta admit Rumi may wanna reconsider his words; I am beyond pleased and pleasantly surprised to discover that the phrase "each other" seems like it may make sense after all.