Thursday, March 26, 2009

in that moment

the tingling starts in the fingers.

gripping the microphone stand, body angled to the left, I look out to the farthermost crease in the wall.

out of the corner of my eye, I see their expressions.

the music's emotions hit me in all the right places...for real, this time.

they can see it.

my hands are now so completely numb, I can no longer feel them--in my mind, they are shaking like no other, but thanks to my eyes, I can see that is not so.

I hear the words of praise.

a voice calls my name and motions for me to come over.

pulling me into a tight embrace, I hear her gratitude and can feel the movement of her relief.

the warm, callous hands pull my face into hers.

looking right at her, I see the tears rolling down.




these feelings, sounds, and visions amount to the beauty of human emotion.

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