Saturday, August 29, 2009


your walls.
your strong, brick walls.

you've been building them up for many, many years.
since you were a child, you've carefully constructed them.

you don't need anyone.
you have your walls to protect you.

some might seem to come ohsoclose, but they'll never break down your fortress.

no one.

no one can get past it; you'll make sure of it.

No one will ever get in.

you thrive on your secrets.
they feed your insanity.

they are you.

Only you know've meticulously collected them to keep in your thoughts, never to be released.

But do you even know the truth behind them all?


Inside, you are still the young girl whose hurting and needing the real love you so deserved.

Real care. And attention, affection.

No matter how many walls you've built or how many you may continue to build,
No matter how sturdy you can make yourself appear to others...or even to yourself,

you are still that small, broken girl.

But you need to accept responsibility for your actions.

And your brick shield?
I can see right through it.
I can see past all the walls.
I can feel all the secrets without having to break down a single brick.

And today?
For the first time, I saw that girl.
For just a split second, I saw what's hiding inside:
the frightened child. face pale. weathered. sick. scared.

But I know that now, the walls are back up
and the demons shall again be released.

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  1. I love this one, especially the word "ohsoclose" you put together! Thanks so much for your sweet comment! :)