Saturday, December 3, 2011

the other side

last night I dreamt I was being dragged from an unpleasant circle of screaming people into depths of complete darkness. there was no light: just a winding black staircase leading nowhere. and I was trapped. as hard as I tried, I couldn't escape. I felt panic...extreme fear. eventually, I woke up. and though it took quite awhile, I finally fell back asleep.

once again, I dreamt that I was in the same black room. but this time, the long spiral staircase didn't ascend into never-ending darkness; it led to a small, rectangular opening that seemed to be floating in mid-air. I somehow managed to climb through this portal and found myself in a glowing, white hallway. there were rooms on both sides and many more down the hall...each decorated in their own unique ways. there was a sense of peace about the place. at the end of the hall, i found a vacant room with walls made of glass. as I peered through the large window in front of me, I looked down and saw people going about their various activities. a certain sense of fellowship in the air, they all seemed content and connected with one other. it was unlike any city I had ever seen. a few people saw me and waved, smiling as if we were life-long friends.

after some moments passed, I took a seat in the center of the room and sighed with relief: I knew I was finally safe...I'd found my true home.

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