Friday, January 11, 2013

Dear brittany,

you are more than your first name. your middle name. your last name. your hometown. where you were born. where you have been. where you are going.
you have no need to find faults in others in order to blind yourself to your own vices. seek them out. their truths will indeed set you free. you will no longer be possessive. obsessive. perfectionistic. and worst of all: codependent. you will just be. 
and those around you will be free to do the same. they always were, you just failed to see. you put them in labeled boxes. you changed your own vision. your rose-colored glasses were lies: the world is much, much more beautiful than what you thought you were ‘seeing.’
brittany, it is time to grow. you can pull yourself out of the hell you’ve put yourself through. it has been more traumatizing than you ever could’ve imagined, but think about what you can do with it now. you have so much to use. you will do much more than survive. you will thrive. 
you will no longer selfishly live for others,
you will selflessly take care of others
and live for yourself.  

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