Saturday, March 16, 2013

oh! gravity.

everything is going to be okay. i'm grateful for the periods of time where i remember this and feel great comfort. i just need to get better at reminding myself to remember. when i look back to two years ago, i remember the day--3/14/11-- that ultimately became a twisted nightmare. the next day--the infamous ides of March--led me to the boiling point of the madness. that is the day everything started to change and my world began to shift.

"Paul said: 'I die daily!' He meant that a part of his carnal mind, his lower consciousness, died every day. Paul also said that you must put off the old human and put on the new human. He meant that you must put off the carnal mind and put on the higher mind. This is a process that will take time, and it must happen gradually. If you were to be stripped of the carnal mind all at once, your soul would be thrown into an identity crises. You would no longer know who you were; you would lose all sense of continuity and identity. You would literally go insane. This has in fact happened to people who discovered the spiritual path and attempted to force the process of spiritual growth. They have attempted to take heaven by force, and in so doing they have invoked so much light from above that they have not been able to hold that light. Instead of raising them up, the light has blown apart their sense of identity."

i never thought i'd say this, but Monday March 14, 2011 has turned into an awe-spiring memory. i don't even have words. it's beautiful. i was in unbelievable danger, yet continually saved by the all-loving Creator of this universe as he/she/It made sure to surround me with protectors--both here on this physical plane and the spiritual realms as i walked down 3rd street and across the Santa Monica pier in a great haze. i remember every part of it. i wrote it all down in a journal back when i wanted to understand...back when it would not stop haunting my memory. i'm so glad i've written it down. it's a story, and i hope to share it some day.

while March 15th--that first dark, late night in my own room in the psych ward-- would seem to forever be the most traumatizing memory of my life, i now look upon it as one of the most significant. that was the night i was stripped of the carnal mind entirely as a result of the previous week's attempts to prove to my loved ones the power of the Spiritual and to help the world for which i'd cried so deeply. the memories of the night come in flashes...but one i remember most vividly is when i was screaming at the top of my lungs at the nurses about the sun. and how it was hurting. and how we needed to save this planet. i'd never felt such intense pain. i don't have words to be honest. it was as if my soul was being stabbed or something. i don't know. and then, of course, after that night...i'd "literally go(ne) insane." i don't remember the five days in the psychiatric ICU where they moved me after that night.

"When God created the universe, the first act of creation was the statement, 'Let there be Light!' Light is the basic substance from which everything in this universe is created. God's light is like a lump of clay. God creates by shaping the formless clay into a particular form. God creates by envisioning a particular image and then allowing his light to flow into that image until the light manifests as a material form. You are created in the image and likeness of God. You do not yet have the full creative abilities of God, yet you create the same way God does. You create by allowing your attention to focus on a particular image. God's light is constantly flowing through your consciousness (or you would not be alive). God's light obediently takes on the form of whatever image your mind is focused upon. If you hold your attention on a particular form for a sufficient period of time, you will manifest that form in your outer world. Hold your experience on mortality, limitation, and suffering, and you will experience those things in your life. Hold your attention on any imperfect image, and you will manifest imperfection in your life.

The dilemma expressed by Hamlet is meant to illustrate the basic fact that you can never stop creating. Hamlet did not want to act, yet by not acting, he brought about his own death. In their present state of consciousness, many people do not want to create. Yet whether you create consciously or unconsciously, you are still creating. God gave you free will, and you cannot turn off that gift; you cannot stop making choices. If you ignore or deny your ability to create perfection, you are still making a choice. Therefore, choose life! Choose the perfection of God over the imperfection of the lower consciousness.

You cannot stop creating, but you can choose what you create."

i will keep my mind wide open,
my eyes wide open,
and i will be.

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