Saturday, January 11, 2014


today, as i was walking along the ballona creek path, it occurred to me how fascinating i find the word "afterlife." i mean, i never realized that i was fascinated by it until that moment, haha. but yeah. i'll try to sum up why in a way that makes sense. sooo the occurrence of something taking place "after" life implies that life eventually comes to an end. bah, that sounds obvious. but think about it. according to this word, life ends...and then there's something "after" it. but what is that something? is it something that isn't life? i mean, moving into "heaven" or "hell" or somewhere that isn't here on earth or the physical plane... whatever you believe to be the case. no matter which of these views a person may hold, the word--according to the dictionary (just googled it) literally means "life after death." the definition has the word life in it.

i guess i'm too amused by words because it's funny to me that an "afterlife" is still a life...i mean, i get what it is saying. but the word is literally saying that this somewhere--whatever it may be--is AFTER life! it's kind of hilarious. okay, now i'm being ridiculous...hahah. the word "new" seems like it would be a better preceding word. because "afterlife" is just a word for another type or experience of life. and the word new feels so refreshing and full of hope...a clean slate.

but the best part of overthinking about all this--aside from smiling to myself and laughing out loud on my walk--is when i remembered that everything is always happening in the NOW. everyone...everything. everywhere at once...

i have decided that the word afterlife--and even newlife--a word i'd apparently create if i could (ha)--will always be meaningless. and why is that? because when it comes down to it, life just is. life is Life.


Forever, Now.

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