Tuesday, April 14, 2009

7:24 PM

On my bike ride home earlier, the sky looked PERFECT.

A light, pastel blue..with horizontally stretched out, long white clouds interspersed throughout..

I went inside my house for about 15 minutes, but then I couldn't stand not being out there with it all...so I grabbed my camera, this journal, and my iPod.. and ran over to the bluff trail to watch the sky's show.

currently, the clouds are slowly moving inward, toward each other...creating an orange glow. the weather? a nice, crisp chill. not particularly cold, but nowhere near warm. I'm currently sitting on top of a bench (not the actual seat part) watching the cars speed across Lincoln and Jefferson, the lights flickering in the Marina and cities further beyond, a large boat going out past the shore and smaller ones returning; the clouds that remain look like gray puffs of smoke floating across...gradually getting darker. I should probably go home. They'll be wondering where I am. It's dinnertime. There's a slight wind. My hair is blowing and whipping across my face. My cheeks are cold.

I think I'll skip back home now.

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