Wednesday, July 3, 2013


the world is changing,
and we're sitting here.

but the shift is still happening
slowly, but surely

...or is it slow?
i'm not sure.

plus, it's not like our concept of "time" exists anyway.

all i know is there is so much.

so so so much.

and i just want to absorb more of it,
to understand.

to study with those who want the same,
to remember.

what's hardest for me lately is interacting with everyone as complete individuals. that's worded terribly, but i've decided i'll just keep typing. anyway, it's just been a bit weird lately for some reason. i mean, for a long time i've understood and felt the unity among all of nature but these days our whole existence just feels unnatural when i am out in public or even spending time with family. i find myself constantly thinking how we are literally all connected and just different expressions of one Creator, but we aren't expressing it or at least recognizing it to the degree that we can...and yeah, that sorta sounds of obvious. but it's hard for me to accept. especially because literally every single one of us is so unique and has traits that no other soul can  offer in exactly the same manner when experiencing life.  again, my words aren't coming out properly tonight. 

this third density business becomes more and more...bah, i don't even have an adjective...more and more "bahhh" with each passing day. i want out. but i just need to keep progressing and growing and working toward what will assuredly happen in the future. in the meantime, i need to remember to take more time to go within because when it comes down to it, all i really want(ed) to do is be of service to others. i've learned that sometimes it's as simple as sending out loving energy.

every thought counts.

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