Thursday, July 4, 2013

every day a choice is made.

So many of us spend time blaming other people; or if not that, just complaining about their actions and decisions...things completely out of our control. I've learned that not only is that a waste of energy, but it's a distraction. It takes us away from the opportunity to view the situation from an unbiased perspective, without emotions getting in the way.

Current events--be they in politics or personal affairs--are a fantastic opportunity to observe and engage, to stay informed and take part in life. However, I have found that while we do so, an approach of detachment is much healthier both mentally and spiritually. It's a fantastic way to understand the carnal mind and the way in which it sees virtually everything from a place of duality...making us easily upset or sometimes even fueling our egos. The more I observe this at work in others, it helps me work on myself. I'm not saying I'm exempt from this behavior. Every day brings me the chance to apply my observations; when dealing with my own attachment to this restless mind and relative viewpoint, I try my best to approach all thoughts and situations from the higher consciousness. Reconnecting to this in the fullest possible capacity is my ultimate hope and goal.

I'm grateful to remember, and ready to accept personal responsibility.

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