Tuesday, November 19, 2013


yesterday a random image entered my head when i was sitting in class, completely disconnected from the lecture (as is often the case).

i saw a pair of cotton strings--each about three feet or so--running parallel, about eleven feet in the air and glued strongly to opposing ends of dark blue walls. however, the thin strings were so close together that from a distance--depending on one's perspective--it could appear to be a single thread. but out of nowhere (about two seconds later), the glue of one string instantly became less sturdy on both walls and landed to the ground on its own.

the strings clearly no longer ran parallel. in fact, the distance in height was so great between them that they were no longer together in my line of vision. all i could see was the thread whose glue for some reason decided to remain sturdy and thus keep the string alone in the air.

my mind constantly wanders in class. whether i am journaling or attempting to pay attention, it's a constant battle to stay focused solely on the topics in front of me. however, nothing this random has ever entered my head; so, as i sat there, i tried to interpret it as i would a strange dream. 

i decided it was a bizarre, complicated metaphor for my life.

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