Tuesday, December 31, 2013

goodbye, 2013.

the year is almost over;
that's an obvious fact.

i'm not sure why i'm writing this,
but there's no turning back?

this doesn't even rhyme,
probably wasting my time--

but these words are flowing,
and won't stop going




I have no idea what the hell that was or where that came from. I'm sitting here on the floor in my room in the comforting spot against the foot of my bed and realized I wanted to make one final blog post for 2013. So...there you have it? I intend on spending the next five minutes meditating and reflecting over the year...thinking about all I'm grateful for...and sending out prayers for those that need them. It feels good to begin the year with a healthy state of mind. It's interesting because I remember I spent the eve of 2011 in a similar manner and that was the last time until now that I was free of a lot of instability.

However, this year there are people celebrating downstairs, so I will get over the fact I don't really know a lot of the people and soon run down there for a final two minutes with 2013. It's been a good one. A strange one (filled with great contrast and a lots of learning). But a good one.

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