Tuesday, December 24, 2013

how long will i stand here, obstructing love's way?

so i've been trying this new thing at work that in the past i've sometimes reminded myself to do when on the bus or anywhere i'm able to observe and people watch. and that is focusing on people and doing my best to consciously send out positive energy toward them.

for example: when it gets super busy around mid-afternoon, there's usually a long line of people to ring up at the cash register because most are getting food from the cafe. it's in these moments where it gets really easy to disconnect from the act of truly interacting with people and just go through the motions of the automatic "how are you's" and "have a good one's" to get from person to person at quick speed. when it isn't busy, it's much easier to actually have a conversation or remember to look people in the eye (which used to make me feel really uncomfortable and nervous but gets easier each day).

so now when i ring up a customer during these busy moments, i try to pick up on their current emotions and send whatever sort of positive energy i intuitively feel they may need for that day in particular. like, i can't really explain it. it's not something i'll even think about. it's not like i think to myself, "oh it seems like she's having a fight with her husband, i better send good thoughts her way so that gets resolved soon." no. it's more of a natural response. it would be ridiculous, a waste of time, and unrealistic to fabricate possible scenarios out of nowhere. because it's so quick and i have to focus on what i'm doing, i can't get distracted anyway. i let it happen on its own. it's kind of a...flow of sorts? it's something i feel without thinking about it. it's hard to explain. but i've found that it makes the whole act of helping customers worthwhile and mean a lot to me. the more i remember to put this into practice, work becomes more than just a mindless act of customer service.

i'm grateful to be a part of life in this way. i still try to remind myself to do this on the bus or any time i'm sitting and people watching (like i mentioned above). but it becomes special on an entirely different level now that i'm given an opportunity that encourages me to break out of my shell and establish a clear connection with others.

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